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You are an HR professional? We save you time.

You are a manager? We support you in the integration of your new employees.

You are a new talent? Don't worry about your first days in your new company, everything will be ready to welcome you!

The New Employee Experience

Human interactions

Sponsors, mentors, referents to guide the new employee.

One to One

First day is already scheduled thanks to a Google Calendar & Outlook integration.

Personalized content

Promote your values and culture through customized content.


No "tunnel effect" but a smooth experience even before day 1

Regular Feedbacks

Internal NPS, monitoring of the whole on-boarding period, 1o1.

Dedicated calendar

On-boarding session planification (training, meetings, site visit...) over a defined period.

Administrative processes

Internal resources

Publish internal informations and documents within your company.


Integration within your HRIMS & ATS.

Employment contract

Automated contract creation and electronic signature


Make sure that your new employees have the right equipment (laptop, mobile phone...) right from the start.

Admin space

Easily get your new employee administrative documents before they arrive.


Tool listing for the new employee to get familiar with them beforehand.